The Smidsgang

    Deventer, The Netherlands

    Photo Credits: Nick Dankers, Livingprojects

    Walking under Deventer's starry sky

    Traveled by approximately one million people annually, The Smidsgang is one of the primary routes for shoppers and tourists entering the center of Deventer. Its previously drab appearance did not serve as a welcoming calling card or reflect a suitable image for the city, so Township Deventer commissioned a beautiful metamorphosis of the street.


    In addition to replacing the pavement and installing a wide Corten Steel gutter that is embellished with poetry, the transformation included special lighting intended to depict the gutter and skyline of Deventer in an abstract manner. The lighting needed to reflect the city’s rich history and provide the experience of traveling beneath a starry sky.


    Completed in April 2022, the custom lighting solution features Color Kinetics Burst Powercore gen3, IntelliHue fixtures (32) scattered throughout The Smidsgang to light the alley. An illuminated bicycle symbol encourages use of nearby bicycle parking to prevent parked bicycles along the street. The end-to-end Color Kinetics system is controlled by Color Kinetics iPlayer 3, and powered by Color Kinetics Data Enabler Pro.


    Redevelopment of The Smidsgang is one of several projects designed to enhance Deventer’s atmosphere, strengthen its identity, and reinforce its heritage. This project created a vastly improved experience for visitors and residents, including increasing the feeling of safety on the street.


    “It's great how this entrance to the center of Deventer has been made attractive for shoppers and tourists. Compliments to Stichting Deventer Binnenstadsmanagement (SDBM) and the inner-city entrepreneurs who have worked together with the municipality on this.” - Alderman Frits Rorink, Township Deventer

    Project credits


    Township Deventer


    Lighting Designer:

    Arjen van der Cruijssen



    Arjen van der Cruijssen

    Signify Certified System Integrator:



    Lighting Consultant:

    Dick Rutten


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