Best Western

    Las Condes, Santiago, Chile

    Photo Credits: Ana Maria Pincheira

    Subtle lighting with high impact unifies three building façades

    Situated on a busy street in the heart of Chile's capital, the Best Western Premier Marina Las Condes sought to enhance its image and establish the hotel as a prominent local landmark. This entailed revitalizing the hotel and surrounding area by illuminating the façades on each of the hotel’s three buildings.


    The design goals of the lighting project were to enliven the hotel and visually unite the building complex into a single unit that could be viewed near or far and from different angles. It was decided that thin lines of dynamic light would outline the buildings in a manner that conceptually and visually unify the entire complex. The lighting solution needed to display a variety of content that could be scheduled annually, including daily color effects and celebratory displays to mark holidays and special events. Moreover, it had to reduce energy consumption and require minimal maintenance.


    Color Kinetics partner, LED-LS Lighting Solutions, specified 185 Color Kinetics Vaya Tube luminaires for the application. The linear fixture can be installed in a single line and the impeccable finish allows the light to be perceived continuously without interruption, enabling the line of light running horizontally and vertically through the six façades of the building complex to appear as a single unit.


    Color Kinetics Light System Manager (now specified with iPlayer 4) integrates all building luminaires on an Ethernet network. The ability to control the directions of Vaya Tube in 15 cm (6 in) segments of light provides dynamic movement. Twelve colorful light shows for each hour of each day throughout the year are pre-programmed into the controller. A wireless Ethernet signal integrates the IP address of the equipment into each building with antennas located on all three roofs to simplify network wiring.


    The façade lighting of Best Western Premier Marina Las Condes delivered on expectations. The movement of light, formed through a single line that crosses the buildings in different directions, makes a great impact. The building can be seen from long distances and encourages people to approach the hotel complex. The energy consumption is approximately 1.10kw distributed in 212 linear meters of LED luminaires and 1,400 DMX addresses.


    “The aesthetic results of the scheduled shows have surprised me in a very pleasant way. The goal of joining the three buildings into one image was met very satisfactorily thanks to the capabilities of Light System Manager. We have projected video across the three façades where the effects look like a complete image, and it generates curiosity about what happens on the other side. The transitions of Vaya Tube are smooth, changing color so subtly that they achieve a very natural integration with the building.” - Arq. Sabrina Mandel, LED-LS LATAM

    Project credits


    Best Western Premier Marina Las Condes


    Supply and project coordination:



    Lighting Design:  

    Architect Ingrid Sepulveda



    Content Design and Programming:

    Engineer Hernan Maluk


    Electrical Installation:

    Instalaciones Electricas Jorge Figueroa


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