Ville de Suresnes

    Paris, France

    Photo Credits: Signify

    Dynamic display of color and light to celebrate the holiday season

    Located at the gates of Paris, Suresnes is a dynamic city that stretches from Mont-Valérien, a place steeped in history, to the banks of the Seine.


    Today, Suresnes is a green city, rich in great architectural variety and whose urban identity is characterized by a mixed use of the territory, social diversity, a spirit of solidarity, and a dedication to sustainable development.


    To enter the holiday season in full glory, the city of Suresnes commissioned Color Kinetics and Signify France to create a more dynamic light display for the existing Color Kinetics light installation at the Town Hall, Ville de Suresnes.

    The luminaires used for this installation include, Color Kinetics Blast Powercore for the façade, ColorGraze QLX Powercore (now specified with Graze Compact Powercore, IntelliHue), Burst Powercore, and Graze MX4 Powercore for the windows, and eW Burst Powercore for the roof.


    The result is an amazing display of color and light that highlights the Town Hall’s historic architecture and celebrates the holiday season.

    Project credits

    Project Management and Installation:

    Color Kinetics, Signify France



    Richard Brousse

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