Renfrew Town Hall

    Renfrewshire, Scotland

    Photo Credits: Liam McGrady

    Light gives new life to a building with many lives

    Steeped in history, Renfrew Town Hall is situated on the same site where the original town hall stood in 1670. The hall was expanded in 1826, before being demolished many years later due to its inability to host large meetings, making way for a new building.

    In 1873, the hall officially reopened, this time boasting a French Gothic style. However, a serious fire in March 1878 meant the hall once again required rebuilding, this time with a taller spire.


    Although the building had long ceased to be a seat of government, a massive restoration program resulted in the hall officially reopening as a visitor attraction in January 2012.


    With a strong heritage of bringing buildings to life, Signify Certified System Integrator, LITE LTD, was approached by Renfrewshire Council in 2019 to deliver a dynamic lighting scheme for Renfrew Town Hall that would enable the building façade to shine in the evening and reflect national events and celebrations with colorful displays.

    After exploring several options, it was decided that the focus of the lighting would be the main spire and it would be illuminated remotely, so planning challenges were overcome quickly and the project proceeded at a fast pace. Ten Color Kinetics ColorReach Compact Powercore, RGBW luminaires (now specified as ReachElite) wash three existing columns and two roof positions on the main body of the structure with light. The narrowest optics are used to ensure light spill onto surrounding buildings is kept to an absolute minimum.

    To further enhance the spire, four Color Kinetics ColorGraze MX4 Powercore, RGBW luminaires, 30° x 60° Beam Angle, 1219 mm (4 ft), are positioned near the top of the spire behind a parapet, and therefore obscured from sight. They are easily accessible via a door entrance for future maintenance. Three flagpoles are lit individually using Color Kinetics Burst Powercore fixtures at the base. Four Color Kinetics Blast Powercore, RGBW fixtures with an 80° Spread Lens are located behind the structure’s four clock faces. Four Color Kinetics ColorGraze fixtures, 30° x 60° Beam Angle, 305 mm (1 ft), illuminate the glazed area in the top spire.

    The main control for the installation is located adjacent to the highest column where a wireless DMX transmitter is housed to pulse the signal to the other two columns and the main building. A controller works with a 3G remote router to provide the client with easy remote access. The project was completed within an impressive two-week timeframe.


    “Renfrewshire Council worked in partnership with LITE and their dedication to lighting up our Council buildings in Renfrew and Johnstone is evident in all aspects of the design and installation phases. We appreciate their attention to detail and creative approach to bringing our architectural lighting projects to life.” - Stephen Heron, Facilities Manager, Renfrewshire Council


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