Victoria Plaza Hotel

    Montevideo, Uruguay

    Photo Credits: Victoria Plaza Hotel Staff

    A new icon illuminates Montevideo’s night skyline

    Victoria Plaza Hotel is located in the Old City of the Uruguayan capital, Montevideo. The hotel's original building opened in 1952 and, for many years, it was the only five-star hotel in the city. Today, part of the Radisson chain, Victoria Plaza Hotel continues to be one of the most distinguished hotels in the city, offering 232 rooms with views of the bay and the city, a celebrated restaurant on the 25th floor, a casino, and a convention center.


    The project to illuminate the hotel’s façade was designed to make a positive impact on the area using a dynamic and versatile lighting solution with low power consumption and minimal maintenance. The new solution gives the building an unprecedented vitality and enables custom light shows for different themes, festivals, and special dates.


    Every night, 46 Color Kinetics ReachElite RGBW Powercore 100 W luminaires illuminate the 115 m (377 ft) high tower façade with columns of multicolored light that frame the windows and accentuate the height of the building. Powerful enough to light targets of up to more than 400 m (1,312 ft) away, ReachElite High Punch is a long-range exterior luminaire designed to illuminate large-scale structures, such as bridges, monuments, and tall buildings. Color Kinetics products were selected due to the size of the building, high quality, variety of optics, power, and range of colors required for the project.


    Color Kinetics Light System Manager gen5 creates, configures, and controls light shows in multiple areas of the installation. Interact Landmark provides remote management of the system and the ability for site administrators to remotely and efficiently schedule dynamic light shows. It also simplifies system maintenance by enabling remote detection of errors, automatic software and firmware updates, and system performance tracking.


    Victoria Plaza Hotel is a sensation with dynamic LED lighting of its façade. The new lighting has revitalized the hotel’s image by establishing it as an icon in downtown Montevideo.

    Project credits


    Radisson Montevideo Victoria Plaza Hotel


    Lighting Designer:

    Hernan Larrosa, Signify

    Leonardo Gagneux, Fierro Vignoli S.A.

    Technical Designer:

    Leonardo Gagneux, Fierro Vignoli S.A.

    Sebastian Bardacosta, Signify



    FIVISA, Fierro Vignoli S.A.


    Electrical Contractor:


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