This Old House®, Titlow Residence

    Bedford, Massachusetts, USA

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    Rustic home taps cutting-edge technology

    This Old House is a popular American home improvement television show that offers expert advice, products, and ideas with step-by-step remodeling projects. Color Kinetics was featured on the show during the renovation of one of the oldest houses in the show's history: the Nathaniel Page Homestead in Bedford, Massachusetts, USA. Once the home of a flag bearer for the local militia during the American Revolutionary War, the house is now on the National Register of Historic Places. The renovation team's challenge was to update this Colonial-era home with modern comforts made possible by the latest technology while maintaining the rustic period feel.

    The renovation called for two modest additions along with necessary updates and repairs to improve the structure and safety of the home. Updates included a rebuilt kitchen, featuring a walk-in pantry, center island, and built-in eating area. The young homeowners specifically requested more modern and energy-efficient lighting for this space. Lighting designer Susan Arnold knew that LED lighting would benefit her clients, who plan to live in the home for many years to come. Not only would LED lighting be energy-efficient and reduce monthly electrical costs, but with the technology's long useful life, the couple would also save on replacement and maintenance costs.

    Arnold used Color Kinetics eW Downlight Powercore luminaires in the kitchen pathway and over the granite kitchen island. "Because the home was built in the 1700s, there was no plenum to install recessed lighting for the kitchen area," said Arnold. In addition, the homeowner did not want to obstruct the view with large pendant fixtures over the kitchen's island. These dimmable, surface-mounted luminaires fit both specifications of the project.

    In the kitchen pantry area, Arnold used Color Kinetics eW Profile Powercore under-cabinet LED luminaires to brighten the space. Because the luminaires have an ultra-low-profile housing, they could be placed discreetly under the cabinets without taking away from the design of the pantry. Arnold used a 2700 K color temperature to cast a soft and inviting glow in the space. With patented Powercore technology, the luminaires accept power directly from line voltage, simplifying installation and making it easy to bring the most modern lighting technology to a residential setting—in this case, a nearly 300-year-old home.

    Arnold commented, "When the project was completed, the lights melted into the ceiling and the counters were illuminated with a very warm, energy-efficient lamp source."
    Project credits

    Lighting Designer:

    Susan J Arnold, CLC

    Wolfers Lighting, Waltham, MA

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