T-Mobile Arena

    Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

    T-Mobile wanted its new venue in Las Vegas to be an immersive experience for its attendees. Superior lighting displays create the perfect ambience for patrons to feel like they’re a part of something spectacular.
    Completed in April of 2016 on the famous Las Vegas Strip, the T-Mobile Arena anchors two of Las Vegas’ most famous traditions: lights and entertainment.

    Customer Challenge

    The 20,000 seat, multi-use space annually hosts more than 100 events, including concerts, competitive fighting, basketball, and hockey games. The arena wanted a lighting solution that would be as exciting as the events it hosts, while also dynamic enough to capture the spirit of each one.

    The right lighting

    In order to accommodate the wide scope of events and create memorable experiences for the Arena’s attendees, T-Mobile turned to Color Kinetics. The Color Kinetics eW Fuse Powercore and the eW Burst Powercore create an environment that matches the color scheme of the Arena’s current entertainment on any given day. Color Kinetics accommodated the arena’s bold and expansive architecture, using the arena’s coves and columns to create stunning lighting experiences. The lighting is fixed throughout the space and is set to synchronize, play off each other, flash, or remain static, depending on the event.


    Color Kinetics equipped the T-Mobile Arena’s eight event-level suites—including the Jack Daniels Lounge, the Bud Light Club, and the Grey Goose Lounge—with colors that coordinate with each lounge’s sponsor. With unique illuminations spanning 50 luxury suites, more than two dozen private lodge boxes, and complete broadcast facilities, the T-Mobile Arena’s lighting proves itself as world-class as the events it hosts.


    With more than 4,000 luminaires gracing the 650,000 square foot space, Color Kinetics superior quality LED lights helped the T-Mobile Arena cut energy consumption and maintenance costs. The dynamic lighting in the T-Mobile Arena matches the cutting-edge venue. T-Mobile was thrilled with the unique moods created by Color Kinetics in the various lounges throughout the arena. This perfect pairing of light and space creates vivid and lasting memories for its attendees.

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