North Ankara Amphitheater

    Ankara, Turkey

    Photo Credits: Istavrit Agency

    Cultural hub customizes its look with light

    The Ankara Metropolitan Municipality commissioned the Ankara City Beautification Project. This project involves the lighting of 22 locations, including façades, parks, and underpasses throughout the city. The city selected The North Ankara Amphitheatre, a hub of entertainment and culture, to receive a colorful LED lighting solution from Color Kinetics as part of these beautification efforts.

    The project managers required a color-changing lighting solution with long useful life and low energy consumption. LED lights were the environmentally friendly solution that also allowed for a wide range of colors to brighten the amphitheater. Not only that, but the lights had to precisely illuminate the unconventional curved shape of the open-air structure. Color Kinetics luminaires provided the variety and quality that this project needed.

    Color Kinetics ColorReach Powercore luminaires (now specified with ReachElite) illuminate the large steel membrane that covers the amphitheater. To cover the entire structure with light, lighting designers Olcay Karamusaoglu and Caglar Yilmaz used different beam angles to account for the massive area created by the curve of the steel membrane. A narrow beam directs to the furthest end of the membrane, a medium-sized beam reaches the middle of the membrane and a wide beam lights the base of the structure. The optics created a homogenous light across the covering.

    The Ankara Metropolitan Municipality wanted the LED lighting solution to be whimsical and dynamic as the amphitheater is a major landmark that sits between the city center and the airport. For each different event, the North Ankara Amphitheatre will illuminate the sky with a custom light show.
    Project credits

    Lighting Design:

    Olcay Karamusaoglu, Caglar Yilmaz


    Halil Ozay, Bahadir Kemer, Nezih Atuk

    Electrical Contractor:

    Detas Group

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