Maaspoort Arena

    ‘s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands

    Photo Credits: Livingprojects

    Dutch arena sets the scene with light

    Maaspoort Sports and Events is an indoor arena located outside of ‘s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands. The arena is home to the well-known professional Dutch basketball team, the SPM Shoeters, who have won 15 Dutch championships. Maaspoort seats over 3,000 people who come to the arena to watch sports and concerts.

    Previously, Maaspoort was using 132 luminaires, each with five fluorescent lamps mounted 12–14 m (39–46 ft) above the floor. These lights limited the arena in many ways. First, the fluorescent lamps were only producing 800 lux, but 1,000 lux was needed to illuminate the arena appropriately for television filming. Therefore, General Manager Remco van der Pot installed floodlights to bring the lighting up to par, which was taking a huge toll on the building's electrical load. Another limitation was the regular maintenance which required the arena to shut down for repairs to get done. Other limitations included no colored lighting and the lack of control over the illumination levels in the building.

    With all limitations in mind, a successful reputation for lighting large buildings and a strong portfolio of scene setting, Livingprojects and Manager of Operations Jurgen Bal created a lighting design and worked with Color Kinetics to light the arena. The team replaced all 132 fluorescent fixtures with an LED lighting solution. Thirty ColorReach Compact Powercore luminaires (now specified with ReachElite) provided the building with 1,200 lux, more than needed for television filming. These luminaires were installed to give the arena desired colored lighting effects, which are dimmable for speeches, or bright and multicolored for sports games. These luminaires also provided Maaspoort with the ability to change the illumination levels for different events, which have all been programmed to pre-set levels for ease of use.

    The LED lighting at Maaspoort was installed in just four short weeks. The new LED system reduced the electrical load by 58% from 38,000 W to 16,000 W. The building is now colorfully illuminated with easy-to-control, upgraded lighting and all previous limitations have been eliminated. Van der Pot said, "Now, we can highlight the hall in different colors. During the most exciting parts of a competition, we can add an extra dimension to the show and change the color schemes."
    Project credits

    Lighting Designer:

    Jurgen Bal, Livingprojects

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