Super Bowl XLIII

    Raymond James Stadium, Tampa, Florida, USA

    Photo Credits: Stephen Kovich

    City-wide beautification takes over Tampa for the Superbowl XLIII

    Raymond James Stadium, Tampa’s host venue for the Super Bowl, was temporarily illuminated with Color Kinetics state-of-the-art LED lighting as part of a city-wide beautification effort for the championship game on February 1, 2009.

    From January 27 through game day, the design team wanted to illuminate the stadium’s exterior with colorful, customizable lighting, creating a dynamic, visual focal point for Tampa residents and visiting fans.

    Design firm Infinite Scale Design was responsible for designing and branding the overall look of the city of Tampa for Super Bowl XLIII. Working with lighting designer Dall Brown, they chose to accentuate the stadium’s exterior crown using ColorReach Powercore (now specified with ReachElite)—a large-scale architectural LED floodlight.

    Each luminaire was individually programmed to produce millions of colors and color-changing effects. Controlled via iPlayer 3 and using ColorPlay 3 authoring software, this show storage and playback device enabled the stadium to display the colors of the opposing teams as well as providing dazzling lighting effects. The luminaires were supplied by LED Source and programmed and installed by local Tampa entertainment solutions provider, Bay Stage Lighting.

    In addition to generating dynamic effects, Reach Powercore supported the National Football League’s recent efforts to make the Super Bowl event more ‘green.’ The temporary lighting scheme required minimal energy, just 290 watts per luminaire. Even when operating at full intensity, Reach Powercore consumed less than half the energy of a typical coffeemaker. By comparison, the traditional metal halide fixtures typically used in such exterior projects consume 1,600 watts each and require gels to produce colored lighting.

    Reach Powercore luminaires helped create a visually striking look for the city of Tampa, while matching the excitement of one of the most important sporting events of the year.
    Project credits

    Design firm

    Infinite Scale Design

    Lighting programming and installation:

    Bay Stage Lighting

    Lighting Design:

    Dall Brown

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