Pueblo Mágicos: Ginebra Valle and Plaza Central

    Ginebra, Valle, Colombia

    Photo Credits: Matheo Lernher


    Video (Credits: SMART LIVING)

    Illuminated flower manifests the magical creation of nature

    Some of the world’s great artists and historians perceive the creation of matter and life as frozen music, and all living beings are part of a great symphony.


    This concept has been expressed through an immersive light sculpture called Flor de Luz (Flower of Light) that represents the magic of life, light, and sound. The project is part of a broader initiative, Pueblo Mágicos (Magical Village), designed to increase tourism in towns offering unique experiences related to their natural beauty, rich culture, and more.


    The lighting design for the sculpture conveys the creation of nature, where nature originates from light. Within this concept, light is the manifestation of information that slows and becomes densified sound that transcends the matter.


    A connected Color Kinetics lighting system was selected for the project due to the company’s rich legacy for providing robust, reliable, and seamlessly integrated products. Burst Powercore, RGB luminaires (now specified with Burst Powercore, IntelliHue) (64) are mounted 3 m (10 ft) high - at the top of each flower post - to wash the post surfaces and create a volumetric effect throughout the Flor de Luz structure.


    Color Kinetics iPlayer 3 enables users to create, manage, and display dynamic and colorful light effects, captivating and delighting visitors exploring and interacting with the sculpture. Color Kinetics Data Enabler Pro delivers integrated data and power to the intelligent system.

    Project credits


    Secretaria de Turismo - Gobernacion Valle del Cauca (2021)


    Lighting Designer:

    Mauricio Ramirez - Juan Ramirez




    Sebastian Motta (Efficient Environmental consulting - SMART LIVING)


    Signify Certified System Integrator and Electrical Contractor:

    Efficient Environmental Consulting – SMART Living

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