Palace of Parliament

    Bucharest, Romania

    Photo and Video Credits: Dragos Asaftei



    Shining light on the largest building in the world

    One of the few structures visible from the Moon, the gigantic Palace of Parliament, also known as the People’s House, is the largest administrative building for civil use, the most expensive administrative building, and the largest building in the world. It houses the Romanian Senate, the Romanian Chamber of Deputies, the Museum of Contemporary Art, The Romanian Competition Council, and includes numerous spaces for concerts, meetings, conferences, and galas.


    The client wanted to implement an inspirational lighting solution to demonstrate to government officials and citizens how lighting can transform a building into a spectacular landmark and the entire area into a popular tourist destination.


    This was achieved by illuminating the front façade of the building with dynamic and colorful light shows for one month during the Christmas season and New Year’s Eve.


    Color Kinetics luminaires were selected for their ability to best meet the requirements of the project. ColorGraze IntelliHue Powercore; ColorBlast Powercore gen4, IntelliHue (now specified with Blast Powercore gen5, IntelliHue); ReachElite High Punch Powercore gen2, IntelliHue; and ColorReach Powercore gen2, RGB (now specified with ReachElite High Output Powercore, RGBW) comprise the 122 fixtures mounted at the cornice level, illuminating 5500 m2 (59000 ft2) of the upper portion of the building. ReachElite and ColorReach Powercore cover a massive space with beautiful multi-color light.


    This large-scale, temporary installation beautifully demonstrates Color Kinetics advanced capabilities.


    Light will always send the right messages to the eyes that will tell stories in colors and intensity.

    Project credits


    Deputy Chamber of Palace of Parliament


    Lighting Designer:

    Bogdan Ursa




    Signify Team:

    Bogdan Ursa, Cristian Bardu, Alexandru Vaduva, Virgil Marian, Dennis Carcagne, Signify



    Signify Certified System Integrator, Livingprojects



    Top Master AlpoClean

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