Novotel Danang Premier Han River

    Da Nang City, Vietnam

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    A magnificent show of light enhances an urban landscape

    Located on the banks of the Han River in Da Nang, Vietnam, the 37-storey Novotel Danang Premier Han River (Novotel Danang) hotel and apartment complex is an icon of modern architecture in an impressive urban landscape.


    As part of a project to retrofit the building’s façade lighting, the client specified that the new lighting be unique, reliable, as well as easy to install and maintain. It also needed to deliver new experiences incorporating the latest trend in connected IoT technology, honor the beauty of the building, and stand out in the city skyline.


    To meet these goals, the LIAS Team from Signify Vietnam conceived of an innovative design that highlights the architectural details of the building and enhances its presence as an iconic landmark, while delivering on the requirements for high reliability, ease of use, and minimal maintenance. They selected 1,214 nodes of Color Kinetics FlexElite IntelliHue and Color Kinetics Vaya Tube, and other products in combination with the Interact Landmark IoT platform to produce stunning and distinctive light shows.


    Completed in just three months, the system equips building managers with a range of new control and management capabilities. Conveniently controlled and managed from any remote location through a single screen, the system provides flexibility and has enabled the hotel to significantly reduce lighting operation costs. Remote monitoring, data collection, analysis capabilities, and 24/7 system diagnostics help hotel management stay up to date on the lighting system’s energy consumption and quickly detect issues in the system in order to implement timely precautions and remediation. Users can also integrate the lighting experience with social media and other communication platforms.


    The dynamic lighting installation has transformed the Novotel Danang into dramatic light art, with vivid and colorful pre-programmed light shows for every day and to mark seasons, festivals, and special events, distinguishing it in the attractive urban landscape at night.


    "Building lighting management and operation are much simpler, more convenient, and energy-efficient. The building looks shimmering and brilliant with light shows that make visitors very excited." - Mr. Tran Xuan Hung Management Board of Novotel Danang

    Project credits


    Novotel Danang Managed by The Accor Group of France


    Lighting Design:

    LIAS Team, Signify Vietnam




    LIAS Team, Signify Vietnam



    LIAS Team, Signify Vietnam


    Electrical Contractor:

    LIAS Team, Signify Vietnam


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