Saitama Super Arena

    Saitama, Japan

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    Video, Color Kinetics and Interact Landmark 2020

    Video, Color Kinetics and Light Play Pilot Project, 2021

    Interactive, color-changing light converts arena spectators into participants

    With a maximum capacity of 36,500 spectators, the multi-purpose Saitama Super Arena is the second largest indoor arena in the world.


    To mark the venue’s 20th anniversary in 2020 and to heighten its status as an area landmark that hosts some of the world’s most prestigious sporting events, the client decided to upgrade the arena’s conventional fixtures to dynamic, color-changing LED lighting that can be altered at any time and from any location to reflect the current sporting event.


    They selected a comprehensive Color Kinetics and Interact Landmark lighting solution due to the high-quality and innovative color-changing capabilities provided by the system, as well as fast response time. ReachElite High Punch Powercore, IntelliHue, 300 W luminaires (59) are mounted on the roof in 7 sections - 5 of which contain 9 fixtures placed in a staggered, 2-row arrangement, and 2 sections at either end, each containing 2 fixtures placed side by side. A Light System Manager (now specified with iPlayer 4) controls the roof lighting and integrated data and power is provided by Color Kinetics Data Enabler Pro (12). Color Kinetics Burst Powercore, IntelliHue fixtures (20) mounted side by side illuminate the arena’s massive C Gate window and are powered by Data Enabler Pro (2).


    Seamless integration with the Interact Landmark platform enables the client to remotely monitor and manage the full lighting system simply and securely.


    The client wanted to enhance the system by adding interactive communication between visitors and event organizers, whereby visitors could change the color of the arena lights from their personal mobile devices. A Light Play mobile app pilot project was implemented from November 2021 to February 2022 at the arena’s C Gate for its winter illumination event, “Tama Ali - Town Jaeaki Hiroba Illumination 2021-22, Shining Flyway, The Blue Forest - Blue Forest of Blessing and Gratitude.” Using Light Play, visitors freely controlled the lighting on the C Gate window by selecting a desired color or light display from the color palette. This marked Japan’s first illumination using a mobile app.

    To further commemorate the event, the client created the “Let’s color you” lottery, wherein visitors could post a photo of the illuminated arena on social media with a designated hashtag in return for a chance to win a gift.

    The interactive pilot project connected participants to the beautifully lit arena, by providing an exciting and immersive lighting experience.

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    Saitama Super Arena



    Color Kinetics Japan



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