Kickapoo Lucky Eagle Hotel and Casino

    Eagle Pass, Texas

    Photo Credits: Ben Whiting, Voss Lighting

    Dynamic, colorful lighting adds excitement to a hospitality complex

    Ideally situated on the Texas-Mexico border, across the Rio Grande from Piedras Negras in Coahuila, Mexico, the Kickapoo Lucky Eagle Hotel and Casino draws clientele from both sides of the border. After completing new construction on the hotel and an additional wing of the casino, the client sought to illuminate the unlit exterior of the new building to draw attention, as well as create a fun and inviting atmosphere.

    Voss Lighting began working on an initial lighting design to accentuate the architectural details of the building and maximize the effectiveness of the light by grazing the pale columns on the front of the hotel. As the project expanded, they maintained a consistent design across other areas of the building, including the ends of the hotel and the casino entrances.


    Color Kinetics products were quickly selected for their quality optics and durability. The initial plan called for Color Kinetics Blast Powercore, RGBW luminaires (7) to shine light down the hotel façade to highlight the columns. At either end of the hotel, an additional 8 Blast Powercore, RGBW fixtures shine up from the ground.


    The customer then requested lighting at the casino entrances on each side of the hotel. They were so enthusiastic about these fixtures they repainted the façade to better showcase the colorful light. Burst Powercore, RGBW (12) was selected for these walls, which stand at half the height of the hotel. Color Kinetics Light System Manager (now specified with iPlayer 4) was chosen to control the system because it enabled the Interact Landmark Content App to be integrated for secure remote maintenance and management.

    Completed in July 2021, the colorful lighting scenes extend the life and vibrancy found inside the building to the exterior, delighting guests and employees.

    Project credits

    Lighting Design:

    Ben Whiting, Voss Lighting



    Ben Whiting, Voss Lighting




    Alterman Electric


    Signify Certified System Integrator:

    Voss Lighting


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