Holland Casino Venlo

    Venlo, The Netherlands

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    Fantasy façade envelopes a magical interior

    Scheduled to open in late 2021, Holland Casino Venlo is certain to achieve instant ‘landmark’ status. Designed by MVSA Architects, the casino was constructed in the form of a Dutch flower that rises from the middle of the structure and extends naturally to the surrounding landscape.


    The casino’s façade is comprised of a grid of glass disks and smaller metal elements. The metal elements have a duotone coating, which makes the building appear to change color as visitors move around the structure, and projects a vibrant image during the day.


    At night, spectacular façade lighting provides an unforgettable experience for passersby and casino guests, thanks to LEDs located behind each large glass disc. The objective of the lighting design was to make the unique building highly visible from a distance, serving as a welcoming gateway to The Netherlands from the nearby German border.


    Color Kinetics FlexElite RGBW (5,760 nodes) were mounted behind the glass discs to illuminate the façade, while 196 Color Kinetics ColorGraze MX4 Powercore fixtures light the top of the building. The dynamic color-changing lighting delivers a breathtaking display during the darker hours and emphasizes the casino’s flower-shaped structure. The light effects can be easily adjusted to reflect different themes. Interact Landmark provides secure remote monitoring and management of the fully programmable lighting system.


    The casino’s illuminated flower petals rise from the heart of the building and are beautifully visible from the highway, acting as an enigmatic beacon and an important new calling card for Venlo.

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    Holland Casino Venlo


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    MVSA Architects


    MVSA Architects


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