Friends Arena

    Stockholm, Sweden

    Photo Credits: Johan Alenius

    Stockholm landmark integrates sustainable lighting

    As the largest and newest indoor stadium in Sweden, Friends Arena required a lighting design that would highlight its substantial structure and complement its eco-friendly goals. Designers turned to Color Kinetics LED lighting solutions to illuminate the entire 50,000-seat stadium, which now serves as the national arena of Sweden.

    Construction for Friends Arena began in 2009 to replace the beloved Rasunda Fotbollstadion. The Rasunda had been a landmark in Sweden since 1937, but by 2000, it was wearing down and not meeting safety or capacity standards. Instead of renovating the old stadium, which would have been far too expensive, replacing it altogether seemed to be a better solution.

    Fortunately, the new Friends Arena is practical, functional, and aesthetically pleasing enough to make fans forget all about their former stadium. Fans can watch their favorite band perform a concert or their favorite football team play a game in an arena that offers an optimal experience. A critical part of that experience is the lighting, which provides a visual spectacle for guests to admire before they even walk through the doors.

    Lighting designer Helena Åkerberg created a dazzling lighting design that accentuates the arena. To illuminate the massive structure, ColorGraze Powercore  (now specified with ColorGraze IntelliHue Powercore) grazing luminaires were mounted behind the top and the bottom edges of the transparent façade. The luminaires sit between the façade facing the exterior of the building and a white wall facing the interior of the building, saturating the outside in dynamic colors.

    The Friends Arena now glows in striking rainbows and solid colors. Color schemes and light shows can easily synchronize with whatever is occurring at the arena. For example, the lights can coordinate with the colors of opposing football teams that are playing at the arena. On nights when no events are scheduled, the arena offers a basic, soft lighting scheme.

    Friends Arena prides itself on having a "green" focus, which is why they chose LED lighting from Color Kinetics. With its sleek design, vivid effects, and environmental consciousness, Friends Arena is on its way to being just as adored and heralded as Rasunda Fotcollstadion.
    Project credits

    Lighting Designer:

    Helena Åkerberg


    Sales, Project Coordination, Programming:

    Stockholm Lighting Company

    Signify Project Coordinator:

    Daniel Ljung, Signify

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