Fonte Monumental

    Lison, Portugal

    Making a splash with awe-inspiring illumination

    See how fountain lighting is enchanting visitors and residents at the Fonte Monumental in Lisbon.


    "Being a part of the installation team in this project was very simple. The technical support provided by Color Kinetics helped us to achieve the best work in the shortest time possible." - João Pedreño, Engineer, H-Tecnic


    The beautiful Alameda fountain is a source of local pride in Lisbon. Built in the 1940’s, it had previously been lit by power-guzzling halogen fixtures. When Lisbon municipality decided to renew the fountain, it wanted a lighting system that would save energy and attract tourists.


    Lisbon Municipality had several objectives for the fountain. To attract tourists and beautify the city, it had to have a safe, pleasant atmosphere, and an appearance that people would talk about. In addition, the municipality wanted to the new fountain lighting to save at least 50% on energy compared to the old system.


    Color Kinetics had a state-of-the-art solution ready. C-Splash 2 submersible luminaires were placed around the inner edges of the fountain, dramatically lighting up the streams of water that shoot towards the center. Luxurious light shines upwards at the horse and angel statues, enhancing their grandeur and making passers-by stop and stare.


    To maintain the look of the original light installation, a special version of C-Splash 2 was developed, using 4000 K white LEDs. The cabling which carries both power and data in one cable, allows the fixtures to be positioned up to 45 meters away from the power source. This lowers the cost of installation, operation, and maintenance.


    C-Splash 2 uses only 25 W of power per luminaire, compared to 300 W used by the previous halogen lighting. The luminaires and power-efficient control systems have reduced electricity consumption by a staggering 91% - a monumental saving.

    Project credits


    Lisbon Municipality




    Manuel Saldanha

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