C-Splash 2

    Submersible spotlight with intelligent RGB light


    C-Splash 2 is an ultra-thin, submersible luminaire designed to provide vibrant color and color-changing light in water to a depth of 4.6 m (15 ft). With its watertight cast brass housing and silicon bronze adjusting hardware, 
    C-Splash 2 is perfect for water-based applications such as fountains and theme park installations, as well as for applications situated in harsh environments.

    Product Summary and Specification Sheets


    • Rugged and watertight

    Cast brass housing and yoke with silicon bronze adjusting hardware is designed for submersion in water to a depth of 4.6 m (15 ft). This IP68-rated luminaire is also able to withstand water treated with bromine or chlorine.


    • Two beam angles

    The frosted tempered glass lens offers a soft-edge beam of light at 23°, while the clear glass lens offers extended light projection at 6°.


    • Unified power and data cable

    Each C-Splash 2 luminaire comes with a 18.3 m (60 ft) unified power and data cable to minimize wiring. C-Splash 2 is intended for use with PDS-150e power/data supplies.


    • Industry-leading controls

    C-Splash 2 works seamlessly with the complete line of Color Kinetics controllers, including iPlayer 3, Light System Manager, and ColorDial Pro, as well as third-party controllers.

    • Versatile light positioning

    Locking base and pivot allows vertical and horizontal rotation through a full 360°.


    • Thermal Protection enabled

    C-Splash 2 is thermally protected, a feature that continuously monitors the luminaire’s temperature, preventing overheating in extreme temperatures, preserving the luminaire and preventing failure.


    • High output, underwater

    This submersible luminaire offers the full range of RGB colors and an output of over 650 lumens. Long life LEDs significantly reduce or eliminate required maintenance, a major advantage for underwater installations.

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