LIGH3ENCE at Fjord Geiranger

    Geiranger, Norway

    Photo Credits: Hyke Studio and Fuglefjellet, Video Credits: Fuglefjellet



    An immersive fusion of art and nature

    A UNESCO World Heritage site, Fjord Geiranger is considered among the most scenic fjords in the world and the crowning jewel of all Norweigian fjords. Its breathtaking landscape features snow-capped mountains, stunning waterfalls, lush vegetation, and a deep, blue fjord. 


    The fjord’s mountains, waterfalls, water, and trees provide the perfect backdrop for a large-scale, outdoor light art festival featuring works by renowned Norwegian and international artists that offer visitors a unique and spectacular art and nature experience of wonder and reflection. The vision for the festival is that Fjord Geiranger become an annual winter cultural destination and to enable the community to become sustainable year-round.


    First appearing at Fjord Oslo in 2019, the innovative work, LIGH3ENCE, was requested to appear at Fjord Geiranger’s pilot festival in March 2021. Guiding visitors along a mysterious journey through light and fog, LIGH3ENCE explores the optical phenomenon of the Brocken Spectre that occurs on foggy mountainsides and in the forest. By drawing inspiration from this wonderful phenomenon, LIGH3ENCE creates a mysterious and engaging play of light, shadow, fog, and an immersive display in shifting shades of white that harmonize with the movement of the trees.


    Commissioned by Fjord Studio, Color Kinetics ColorGraze MX Powercore (now specified with ColorGraze IntelliHue Powercore) (10), Color Kinetics Burst Powercore, RGBW (4), and Color Kinetics Blast Powercore, RGBW luminaires were used to illuminate the mesmerizing light display. The system is programmed with Data Enabler Pro and controlled with Color Kinetics iPlayer 3.


    “Our Installation at Fjord Geiranger light art festival is an example of how Color Kinetics lighting systems are diverse in usage, and through artistic and dynamic installations.” – Silje Thorsager Østby, Lighting Designer MNL, Signify

    Project credits

    Concept and Creation:

    Silje Thorsager Østby for Signify


    Light Control:

    Øyvind Knutsen, Silje Thorsager Østby for Signify


    Strategic Business Designer:

    Robert Iversen Bogard for Signify


    Construction and Design:

    Robert Iversen Bogard for Signify and Flexiform

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