Endeavour Condo Clear Lake

    Houston, Texas, USA

    Daryl Vaughan (2011 Light Partners)

    Thirty-story tower glows from within

    Set opposite the fabled Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas, the high-rise Endeavour Condo Clear Lake was launched into another dimension with a new LED lighting installation that gives the building the impression of being lit from within. Completed in June 2010, the newly lit 30-story tower became an instant icon on Clear Lake with its animated washes of colored light running up the vertical centers of the north façade and the south-facing penthouse pinnacle.

    John Gilmore, the new owner of Endeavour, approached British lighting designer, artist, and photographer Daryl Vaughan of creative lighting consultancy Light Partners, LLC, to create a special light show to celebrate the re-launch of the recently refurbished structure. The objective for the new installation was to create a unique identity for the luxury condominium development through the design, application, and integration of a programmable, solid-state lighting system. An LED lighting system from Color Kinetics was chosen for the project because of their creative potential, use of color, flexibility, range of effects, programmability, and energy efficiency.

    To create the ethereal “glow-from-within” look, 60 ColorBlast Powercore luminaires were installed 3.7 m (12 ft) apart on the north side of the tower, extending vertically up the central core of the building in two parallel runs, and 12 ColorBlast Powercore luminaires were installed on the south side of the building, running horizontally across the building’s crown. All ColorBlast Powercore luminaires were mounted on custom offset arms 457 mm (18 in) from the cement stucco-coated wall. The entire system was connected to eight Data Enabler Pro devices and controlled by an iPlayer3 DMX. The spectacular installation has transformed Endeavour from a luxury condominium into an iconic landmark.
    Project credits

    Lighting Designer:

    Daryl Vaughan, Light Partners, LLC


    Light Partners, LLC

    General Contractor:

    nSky Construction


    EDI Architecture Inc.

    Electrical Contractor:

    Melton Electric Inc.

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