Caen City Hall

    Caen, France

    Photo Credits: City of Caen



    Increasing energy efficiency with a dazzling façade

    Caen is well known for its stunning historical architecture, built during the reign of William the Conqueror. One such treasure is the Caen City Hall. For many years, the building’s stunning façade was used during the winter holiday season as a canvas for impressive light shows. The displays were so popular, the city decided to implement a permanent dynamic façade installation.


    A Color Kinetics LED lighting system was selected for its energy efficiency, precise control of color temperature, and advance dynamic light show capabilities, as well as Color Kinetics high reliability and patented Powercore® technology that controls power output to luminaires directly from line voltage to simplify installation and lower system costs.


    Installed by Signify Certified System Integrator, CITEOS Caen, Color Kinetics ColorGraze MX4 Powercore, RGBW luminaires were placed 1.5 m (5 ft) apart at each window and pediment. Color Kinetics Blast Powercore gen5, RGBW fixtures were recessed into the ground, approximately 1.5 m (5 ft) away from the building to illuminate the façade between the windows. Color Kinetics Data Enabler Pro delivers power and data to the fully controllable system.


    Caen is looking to update lighting across the city with connected and controllable LED systems, in part to increase energy efficiency and reduce costs. The installed power for the City Hall project is approximately 8 kW and the energy consumption is less than 2.5 kWh. Moreover, the fixtures, with their advanced optics, deliver light only where it is intended in the precisely intended quantity on the façade. Completed in 2016, the project was amortized in less than two years.

    Project credits

    Lighting Designers:

    Aubin Riberon and Richard Brousse, Signify



    Stephane Loinard, CSI CITEOS Caen



    Electrical Contractor:

    Stephane Loinard, CSI CITEOS Caen

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