Lights in Alingsås

    Alingsås, Sweden

    Photo Credits: 2023, 2022, 2019 - Patrik Gunnar Helin

    2018 - Signify

    Yearly lighting festival installation inspires

    The Lights in Alingsås, is a lighting festival held in Alingsås, Sweden. This design event is unique in that only the theme and the lighting trail is determined in advance. Lighting designers and students work together throughout the week crafting their work which is then revealed in a grand opening display.


    2023 - Nygrens Handelsgård.

    Nick Dankers used Graze Powercore and Blast Powercore luminaires to portray emotions and reflections that they associate with this year’s theme, “Rays of Light – One Peace a time”.  They divided the area into three parts where they aimed to convey places where the feeling of harmony is experienced. The project was on display from October 6th to November 5th, 2023.


    2022 - Plantaget Footbridge.

    Martina Alagna used 12 Color Kinetics ColorBlast Powercore luminaires to create a connection to this year’s theme, Only One Earth. 7.9 billion reflections. A beautiful four-minute trail encouraged visitors to experience a serene, yet playful, journey through nature. The team worked with shapes, patterns, light, and movement - including the anticipated effect of falling leaves during the exhibition period – to create the stunning effect. Color Kinetics Data Enabler Pro powered the installation. The project was on display throughout October 2022.


    2019 - The Mother Tree.
    Jim Farula used iColor Flex LMX gen2 (now specified with Flex Compact gen3, RGB), ColorGraze MX Powercore (now specified with ColorGraze IntelliHue Powercore) and ColorBlast Powercore luminaires to illuminate both the ground around the Mother Tree and the surrounding trees. The project was on display from September 27 to November 3, 2019. Video.

    2018 - Färgeribron.
    Juliette Nielsen and Mieke van der Velden used Burst Powercore, IntelliHue and Burst Powercore, eW luminaires to create an ethereal projection screen over Dyer's Bridge. As pedestrians walked over the bridge, they were projected onto the screens hanging over the water. The project was on display from September 28 to November 4, 2018.

    Project credits

    2023 Designer:

    Nick Dankers

    2018 Designers:

    Juliette Nielsen and Mieke van der Velden

    2019 Designer:

    Jim Farula

    2022 Designer:

    Martina Alagna

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