Abrams Street Renovation

    City of Arlington, Texas, USA

    Photo Credits: Joel Herrera


    Video Video Credits: Michelle O'Michael

    Towering beacons of light welcome visitors with beauty and comfort

    Known as Flamme D'Illuminacion, four 40 ft, three-and-a-half-ton woven steel sculptures stand on each side of Abrams Street, between City Hall and Levitt Pavilion Arlington, to welcome Downtown visitors.


    Texas artist, Michelle O’Michael, and Technical Partner, Stephen Archer, of O’Michael Studios, Inc., created the public art installation as part of the ‘Abram Street Rebuild through Downtown’ initiative to enhance the vibrant atmosphere in the newly renovated public plaza near Founders Plaza, a popular community gathering spot.


    New color-changing LED fixtures were needed to highlight the sculptures. Color Kinetics products were selected for their reliability. Color Kinetics eW Reach Compact Powercore (now specified as ReachElite), ColorBurst Powercore RGBW, ColorGraze MX4 Powercore, RGBW, and Data Enabler Pro were used. The system is controlled with a Pharos LPC Controller.


    Completed in May 2021, the towers are illuminated at night by dynamic and colorful lights that can remain static, sweep, rotate, blend, twirl, and flicker like flames, and whose colors can be changed according to 30 programmed scenes to mark holidays, seasons, and special events.

    Project credits

    Lighting Designer:

    Yaggi Engineering



    Schrickel Rollins Landscape Architects


    Color Kinetics Agent:

    NexGen Lighting Solutions

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