Deventer, The Netherland

    Photo Credits: Corné Clemens

    Beautiful light replaces black hole

    Every Go Ahead Eagles football club fan from Deventer knows it well - the Veentunnel. Yet drivers through the tunnel felt as though they were entering a black hole, especially in brilliant sunlight. The municipality of Deventer set out to improve safety and make the tunnel more attractive, while improving energy efficiency.


    Completed in the fall of 2020, a new safe, sustainable, and spectacular LED lighting solution was installed, featuring Color Kinetics Vaya Tube luminaires (76) extending the full length of the tunnel, Vaya Linear illuminating the tunnel alcove, and an LED lighting control system. The level of light delivered in the tunnel is controlled using a camera that measures how much daylight is present outside the tunnel, enabling a safe and sustainable amount of light to be constantly emitted in the tunnel. The brighter it is outside, the more light is delivered inside the tunnel.


    In addition to providing functional light, Vaya Tube provides dynamic, colorful lighting that adapts to the seasons – with green-blue tones in the winter and warmer shades in the summer. Local residents can submit suggestions to the municipality for colors they would like to see and for special occasions and holidays they would like the light to represent, such as highlighting Go Ahead Eagles home games. The colors can be adjusted remotely. Locals are delighted that the tunnel is safe, attractive and that they can participate in the light displays.

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    Dick Rutten






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