Zhongshan Road

    Ningbo, China


    Skyscrapers transformed into giant works of art



    Seeking to boost tourism, stimulate economic activity, and celebrate the city’s rich cultural heritage, Ningbo, China chose to illuminate the façades of 37 buildings along a 9.2 km stretch of Zhongshan Road in the city center with dynamic architectural lighting, making it one of the largest projects of its kind and the most extensive in China. The lighting not only accentuates the architectural details of the buildings, it creates captivating night scenes in the city’s business district and Ningbo’s main square, Tianyi Square.


    Designed by Toryo International Lighting Design Center and Huazhang Lighting Design, the intelligent lighting system uses nearly 2,000 Color Kinetics ColorReach Powercore gen2, RGBW LED luminaires (now specified with ReachElite) that are monitored and maintained using Interact Landmark software. The high-performance exterior LED luminaires are ideal for the long-throw dynamic color-changing requirements of the project.


    Interact Landmark provides easy remote monitoring and maintenance of the new lighting system. This enables building managers to be notified quickly of an outage so they can respond immediately, improve operational efficiency, and reduce downtime.


    “The lighting design of the Zhongshan Road mixes colored architectural lighting and world-class narrow projection. With energy-efficient lighting and Interact Landmark software, the design was brought to life and everything can be monitored and maintained remotely.” - Dongliang XU, Toryo International Lighting Design Center, Founder.


    The city is able to save 30% - 40% on energy use by replacing conventional flood lights with Color Kinetics ColorReach Powercore gen2, RGBW LED flood lights and Interact Landmark.


    Added Dongliang XU, “The design, the technology, and controls combine to not only raise the bar for city illumination in China, but to do so in a highly sustainable way.”

    Project credits


    Zhejiang Ningbo Municipality


    Lighting Concept Design:

    Toryo International Lighting Design Center



    Lighting Design and Application:

    Zhejiang Huazhan Design Co.,LTD.


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