Regent's Canal Tunnel

    Islington, London, England, United Kingdom

    Photo Credits: Redshift Photography

    Illuminated tunnel provides direction and ensures safety

    Regent's Canal tunnel, tucked away near Islington's Wharf Road in London, is a popular pathway for pedestrians and cyclists. Although the tunnel is well-travelled, it lacked proper lighting for both wayfinding and safety purposes. Islington Council, the local governing arm, knew they needed to do something to provide a safer route for their residents. They contacted Architainment Lighting Ltd. to recommend, supply, and commission a new lighting solution for the tunnel.

    Architainment provided a unique solution that used both varied color temperatures of white light for general illumination and a color-changing effect to enhance the atmosphere along the canal. Architainment fitted Color Kinetics Graze Powercore LED grazing luminaires to the center of the tunnel's ceiling to project a cool white light on the pedestrian side of the tunnel. These luminaires are connected to a motion sensor. The light changes from cool light to a warm, inviting white light as people move through the tunnel. Architainment also fitted Graze Powercore luminaires to the ceiling to project dynamic, color-changing light onto the canal side of the tunnel. These lights, programmed to run through a series of saturated colors during the dark hours, have shaped a new identity for a once dreary area.

    The new LED lighting system has improved the tunnel's general safety, and has added a fun and interactive element to this formerly dark pathway.
    Project credits


    Islington Council

    Lighting Design and Supply:

    Architainment Lighting Ltd.

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