YORUNOYO – Yokohama Cross Night Illumination

    Yokohama City, Kanagawa, Japan

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    A city lights up to drive nighttime commerce

    YORUNOYO – Yokohama Cross Night Illumination is a spectacular annual winter light art event that sets the beautiful port city of Yokohama aglow. 


    Color Kinetics Japan has worked on this annual event since 2019, which is intended to grow the city’s evening economy by drawing more people to the area for a longer duration. Each year, the project area expands, with multiple public offices, including Yokohama City Hall, and with the collaboration of nearby hotels and commercial facilities. Twenty facilities and locations participated in 2020, increasing to 34 locations in 2022.


    The theme of the 2022 event features innovative and dynamic installations that work harmoniously with the cityscape to light Yokohama’s nighttime sky.


    A fully connected, end-to-end Color Kinetics solution bathes 30+ locations in light as part of this project, including notable landmarks, Kanagawa Prefectural Government Building, Landmark Tower, Marine Tower, Intercontinental Hotel, and the Customs Headquarters.


    Blast gen5, ReachElite High Output Powercore, IntelliHue 200, 20°, Flex Compact gen3, RGB, and Light System Manager gen6 (now specified with iPlayer 4) create a magnificent scene. Data Enabler Pro delivers power and data to the system. Interact Landmark provides remote monitoring and management, connecting the entire bay area installation from a single dashboard.


    The entire cityscape of Yokohama has come to life in a gigantic and breathtaking light show. This dynamic exhibition is very impressive and has established itself as a winter spectacle in the city.


    For more information, visit:

    Yokohama Cross Night Illumination Website
    Yokohama Cross Night Illumination Instagram

    Project credits
    Color Kinetics Japan
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