Municipality of Weert

    Limburg, The Netherlands

    Photo Credits: Nick Dankers, Livingprojects

    Accentuating an urban identity with sustainable, connected light

    A perfect blend of quaint and modern, the Municipality of Weert features a historic city center filled with monuments, museums, and charming squares. The municipality wanted to emphasize the city’s unique identity, increase sustainability, as well as improve the quality of public spaces and life in the city – which is where light and experience play an essential role.


    The project involved illuminating Museum W and replacing conventional lighting at St. Martin's Church with a sustainable LED lighting solution. It was also the perfect opportunity to implement an entirely new, dynamic lighting design for the museum, church, and adjacent square, that would enable the colors to be adapted for special events. Moreover, it was important that the fully integrated and connected lighting solution be controllable from one location.


    Color Kinetics fixtures provide the bright, saturated colors required for the project, including ReachElite High Punch Powercore, IntelliHue 300, ColorGraze IntelliHue Powercore 1219 mm (4 ft) recessed into the ground, Burst Powercore, eW and Burst Powercore, IntelliHue. The luminaires are seamlessly integrated with Interact Landmark – the platform for controlling the comprehensive system.


    Completed in 2021, the municipality controls their entire lighting system from one location, easily changing light scenes for Christmas, Kings Day, Carnaval, and New Year’s Day. They anticipate a cost savings of 50%, greater reliability, and a longer lifespan for the Color Kinetics solution compared to the previous lamps.


    The church, museum, and square lighting work harmoniously to create a beautiful ambiance for the city that attracts tourists and fosters a high level of pride among residents.

    Project credits

    Lighting Designer:

    Arjen van der Cruijse


    Signify Certified System Integrator:




    Lighting Consultant:

    Dick Rutten



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