Basilica of Saint Egidius

    Bardejov, Slovakia

    UNESCO site shines

    Color Kinetics has completed the implementation of architectural lighting of the original town hall and basilica on the historic square of the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Bardejov. Both buildings are illuminated by a combination of warm to neutral colors of light. With modern RGBW technologies, the color of lighting can be changed easily on special occasions.


    The historical center of Bardejov has been listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 2000. Since then, the city has begun to implement a comprehensive, long-term rehabilitation project for the entire urban conservation area, including the reconstruction of public lighting and the illumination of the most important monuments of the historic downtown. "The successful realization, and now the operation of this project, as well as the public and city visitors, prove that the decision to engage in a technical and technological solution for illumination lighting a renowned company with world experience was the right choice," says Mayor Boris Hanuščak.


    "Bardejov and its monuments have become a popular destination for cultural tourism, so we thought it important to have the atmosphere of this unique historical potential of the city. We chose the illumination of buildings as one of the means to achieve the expected effect,“ Boris Hanušakak, mayor of the city, expressed his opinion on the project. The implementation and installation of lighting was carried out by O.S.V.O. comp, a.s.


    St. Egidius is built in late Gothic style. This monument, with its richness of architectural shapes and artistic elements, size and artistic level, and rare temple furniture evoking the original medieval sacral space, is one of the most important buildings documenting the development of Gothic architecture in Slovakia.

    The Basilica of Saint Egídius, which is opposite the historic town hall, was illuminated completely on all sides, including the roofs and the tower. The illumination was done completely in shades of white light (2700 to 4000 K) with emphasis on the main observable parts and selected architectural details. The basic year-round surface illumination of the facade and roof is done in warm and cold white light (3000 to 5000 K). In order to promote natural gradation upwards, the top of the tower is illuminated by a light of greater intensity than the rest of the building. The accentuation of the vertical struts in the very warm white light (2000 to 2700 K) then creates a gentle contrast to the flat lighting. The dynamic element is the illumination of the tower gallery and roof dormers, again using RGB luminaires to change to any color of the color spectrum.


    ColorReach Powercore installed. Now specified with ReachElite.

    Project credits

    Lighting Design:

    Jaroslav Smetana


    O.S.V.O. comp, a.s.

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