Plaza de la Corredera

    Córdoba, Spain

    Photo Credits: Aula de la Luz, University of Córdoba



    Enhancing a city’s heritage with a connected and interactive lighting system

    To celebrate the hundredth anniversary of the Fiesta de los Patios de Córdoba, Signify and the University of Córdoba, Aula de la Luz (Light School) collaborated on an initiative called #IluminaCórdoba to develop new architectural lighting applications. The initiative aims to enhance the artistic and architectural heritage of Córdoba, offering visitors a new nighttime experience.


    The pilot project involved lighting part of the Plaza de la Corredera, including the façade of the Houses of Doña Ana Jacinta and the University of Córdoba cultural headquarters, with a connected and interactive lighting system.


    Color Kinetics Vaya Linear luminaires and a Color Kinetics Light System Manager (now specified with iPlayer 4) controller connected through the Interact Landmark platform enable the management and programming of dynamic architectural lighting through any mobile device. This makes it easier to create and activate light shows remotely, schedule scenes that adapt to the time of year, the seasons, and different events that take place in the city, as well as monitor the performance of the lighting.


    The architectural details of the square are highlighted using different shades of white, while custom multicolor light scenes mark special occasions. Electronic artist Vanzetti even created three short scenes for the inaugural light show inspired by the building, its history, and the history of the square where it is located.


    The comprehensive lighting solution allows light to be used to communicate and interact with the public. Using the Light Play App, social mobile application in this pilot project, visitors can interact with the lighting, choosing between 6 pre-designed scenarios to display: #Andalucía, #Arcoiris, #JuegoDeAzar, #Destello, #España, and #ATodoColor. Visitors simply download the application from an app store and choose their favorite show. Using the show’s hashtag or #IluminaCórdoba, people can share their selection on social media.


    The new lighting system enhances Córdoba’s heritage and the feeling of pride among its citizens, in addition to attracting tourism. Connected lighting provides a new dimension as a communication tool, offering visitors new and immersive ways of perceiving and experiencing the city.

    Project credits


    Aula de la Luz, University of Cordoba


    Scenes Designer:

    Aula de la Luz, University of Cordoba, José Zamora Salido



    Juan Cantizani



    Aula de la Luz, Universidad de Córdoba, José Zamora Salido


    Electrical Contractor:

    Instalaciones eléctricas RAHI


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