Trollhättan, Sweden

    Find out how restaurant lighting is enhancing the atmosphere at O’Learys.

    "Lighting is more important for our premise than people think"


    - Robert Blomberg, Managing Director, O’Learys Trollhättan

    Customer Challenge


    O’Learys cares about diner experience. When the restaurant moved to a new location in Trollhättan, management sought energy-efficient lighting that would enhance the atmosphere. Color Kinetics was asked to supply attractive lighting that would reduce the heat generated by light sources.

    The right lighting


    "Color Kinetics was happy to serve up some fresh lighting for the restaurant. In order to reduce the heat generated, we replaced the hot halogen bulbs with LED. eW Downlights were added to the ceiling, projecting points of light on the floor that guide visitors through the restaurant.


    The new lights have enhanced the restaurant atmosphere with glare-free illumination. They are also reducing energy bills, thanks to their low power consumption. The main downlights are adjustable, and can be dimmed where desired. As a result, the spotlights can be set to lower levels, reducing total energy use.


    In total, 140 LED luminaires were installed. Their long life cycle and low maintenance requirements means the restaurant will not have to replace the LED bulbs for a very long time. And because they generate almost no heat, the restaurant doesn’t have to spend extra on air conditioning."

    Project Credits

    Client: O’Learys, Trollhättan, Sweden

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