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Museum of Tomorrow

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Photo Credits: © Andrés Otero
For the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio, an ambitious and innovative urban lighting project was carried out at the spectacular "Museu do Amanhã" (Museum of Tomorrow).

Designed by the prestigious architect Santiago Calatrava, the museum has large openings that allow natural daylight to enter. The lighting team, led by creative director Monica Luz Lobo, would design an interior illumination scheme to complement this unusual ambience.

Lighting systems incorporating LED luminaires were installed. Indirect lighting illuminates the ceiling evenly, highlighting its curvature and creating a unique floating effect. Near-invisible lighting integrated in the concrete structure provides a range of changing effects, emphasizing the horizontal planes of the exhibition space.

The result of the installation is a beautiful interplay between architecture and lighting. And thanks to the use of renewable energy sources, the project received the impressive LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification.
Project credits


Santiago Calatrava, Ruy Rezende Arquitectura


Luiz Alberto Oliveira, Museum Curator

Lighting Designer:


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