Les Menuires

    Les Belleville, France

    Photo Credits: Xavier Boymond

    The chromatic nights of the Les Menuires snow front

    Les Menuires is a ski resort in the Belleville valley of Les Trois Vallées between Saint-Martin-de-Belleville and Val Thorens. Owned and operated by Compagnie des Alpes, it is in the Savoie département of France.


    Develop the nocturnal dimension of the "Grenouillère" by staging, in lights and colors of the esplanade and the corridor. This chromatic luminous atmosphere will plunge the site into a resolutely surprising, spectacular and festive atmosphere, conducive to the emergence of a dynamic and lively interactive nightlife, thus promoting exchanges, conviviality and thus the attractiveness of users, locals, and tourists.


    On the esplanade of the snow front, the existing lighting masts have been transformed into "Totems of light" to give them a formal and plastic quality of street furniture. These "Totems of light" are unique and original, they were designed for the only station of Les Menuires. In their form, they reflect the verticality of the surrounding modern towers and they refer to the Olympic part of the station (masthead). Their colorful cladding develops and increases the chromatic atmosphere of the corridor on the esplanade. Their position is part of the overall architectural and urban scenography of the "Grenouillère", the masts were re-distributed in an arc ... and circus, facing the slopes.


    Lighting and in a dynamic and festive atmosphere:

    • Give an event and festive quality to the Croisette
    • Give achromatic and temporal quality to the luminous atmospheres
    • Technological renovation of Public Lighting installations: LED lighting offers the opportunity to implement lighting systems that allow varying the luminous intensities and the hues of lights according to the uses and nocturnal temporalities.


    Impact on the end-user

    The first place of conviviality, the esplanade of the "Grenouillère is a circus, an urban theater overlooking the natural and cultural landscape of Les Menuires: architecture, sports facilities, ambulatory . The new staging night scene brings the will of Les Menuires to reconnect with a dynamic and lively image, modern and attractive.


    It is undeniable that this new scheme gives pep to the snow front, energy and gives it a new face." - Marlène Giacometti, Director of Tourist Office

    Project credits


    City of Les Belleville


    Lighting Designer:

    Les Eclairagistes Associes - Laurent Fachard / Christine Badinier



    Certified System Integrator:



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