Hotel Hilton Panama

    Panama City, Panama

    Color highlights Hotel Hilton

    Hotel Hilton Panama, located in the Cinta Costera of Panama City, is a 68-floors building, situated by the sea and with fantastic visibility from many places in the city.


    The project was originally installed in 2013, and has since been upgraded to have the visual effect and control system capabilities that the client really wanted. Moving from RGB to RGBW luminaires allowed for better white and pastel colors, and Optibin technology provides consistency of color and uniformity of the LEDs. The objective was to highlight the vertical columns to make the building visible at night on the busiest avenue in Panama City, while also updating the technology. Hilton Hotel is located approximately halfway down Cinta Costera, and the new lighting design is attracting a lot of attention. The efficiency of the lighting system after the technology upgrade increased by 170% compared to the original installation, while improving the quality of light highlighting the architectural details.

    Signify handled the design, the execution, and commissioning. The current products were installed in May 2017 with the most advanced technology, using ColorReach Powercore RGBW (now specified with ReachElite), Burst Powercore, RGBW luminaires paired with Philips ActiveSite as a management system. By using Philips ActiveSite, the hotel will be able to perform constant monitoring of the installation, sending alerts to building management if necessary.

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