AT&T Stadium (Dallas Cowboys)

    Arlington, Texas, USA

    Photo Credits: Lewis Lee

    Iconic stadium combines branding and entertainment

    When the Dallas Cowboys opened their new stadium in 2009, they sold sponsorship rights to clubs, bars, and party decks throughout the stadium. Lighting design firm Clearwing Productions was contracted by MillerCoors to create an experience incorporating the Miller Lite brand in two field-level clubs and an expansive Miller Lite Party Deck featuring video boards displaying ads for Miller Lite.

    Selected for their long source life and intense light output, ColorBlast Powercore LED wash lights were pipe-mounted to serve as truss warmers both overhead and for the cages where the Rhythm and Blue Dancers perform during games. A thousand linear feet of iColor Accent Powercore direct-view LED luminaires display color-changing light shows and video content to reinforce the Miller Lite branding presence within the stadium.
    Project credits

    Lighting Design:

    Daniel Gourley

    Clearwing Productions

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