Café Ludus

    Saket, New Delhi, India

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    Innovative restaurant creates the right atmosphere

    Café Ludus, located in the Metropolitan Mall in New Delhi, India, is not your average restaurant and bar. Ludus means "school" in Latin and the café brings the name to life. The bar area looks like a chemistry lab, there is a library reading corner, and the tables are low with long wooden benches, to mimic classic school lunch tables.

    Rachit Khanna, partner and owner of Café Ludus, believes that the most important part of any restaurant or bar should be the lighting. He knew he had to choose a lighting solution that would fit the café's playful atmosphere. Color Kinetics was the right choice for Khanna and his café. ColorFuse Powercore luminaires were installed on the dance floor and bar counter to provide the required ambience.

    Khanna wanted the lighting to be vibrant and bright during the day, but darker at night, providing an ambience for drinking and socializing. He chose Philips Dynalite controls, and was surprised how seamlessly the lights could be managed. With an iPad or iPhone app, he can put the power of the lights in the hands of his customers. If a customer wants to be in dimmer light, Khanna simply hands him or her the iPad, and the guest is able to choose his or her desired setting.

    "It's really easy to use; anyone can use it. Customers love it and they come back. That's the whole point," said Khanna.
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    Exergy Automation & Controls

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