Centrum Galerie

    Dresden, Germany

    An eye-catching shopping experience

    'Favorite meeting places,' that’s the motto behind Corio’s desire to create a unique shopping experience. The entry area of the Centrum Galerie shopping mall in Dresden, Germany now boasts one of the the world's largest Color Kinetics Luminous Textile installations of in total 74m2 (37m2 on each side of the main entrance). Each wall consists of six huge Luminous Textile panels of 1,2 x 5,16 mtr each. The various eye-catching visual effects enhance the indoor shopping experience of visitors entering one of Europe's finest shopping malls. The panels can be controlled remotely with an iPad or smart phone. Mall manager Stefan Dorster said, "Our Luminous Textile installation is a real asset, creating a vibrant and comfortable atmosphere for our visitors that highlights the impressive size of Centrum Galerie, while managing sound distribution issues typical of large indoor spaces."
    Project credits


    Centrum Galerie Dresden



    Luminous Surfaces


    D&L Lichtplanung



    Drees & Sommer/Philips Mr. Armin Mross

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