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    World Market Center

    Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

    Photo Credits: Darius Kuzmickas

    Long LED life solves a lighting challenge

    World Market Center uses approximately 16,000 feet of cove lighting fixtures to transform the atrium of its Building C into a multi-layered visual experience. Over 8,000 linear feet of eW Cove Powercore white-light LED cove fixtures, installed in the atrium ceiling and elsewhere, blend seamlessly with conventional 3000 K T8 fluorescent cove fixtures.

    Because of their long useful source life, eW Cove Powercore fixtures dramatically reduce the cost of servicing light sources installed in difficult-to-access locations 80 feet above the main floor. In fact, labor and equipment costs for lamp replacements pushed the total cost of comparable conventional lamps far beyond their initial cost, making them non-viable in this application.
    Project credits


    Jerde Partnership International

    Lighting Design:

    Janeele Drouet and John Coiskey, Harris Consulting Engineers

    Executive Architect:


    Lighting Sales and Support:

    4Wall Entertainment

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