W Hotel New York

    New York, New York, USA

    Photo Credits: Frederick Charles

    Suite success as hotel rethinks room lighting

    Manhattan’s W New York luxury hotel offers guests a respite from the hectic pace of Manhattan life. In 2009, the hotel performed renovations to transform its guest rooms, spa suites, and sophisticated Wow suites into relaxing, private sanctuaries.

    To enhance the soothing, nature-inspired décor, New York-based architectural lighting designers G2J Design concealed over 3,000 linear feet of low-profile eW Cove Powercore 2800 K white-light LED luminaires throughout the suites. Because of their energy-efficiency, minimal maintenance requirements, long useful source life, and cool beam of light, LED luminaires can be integrated into architectural details where conventional lighting fixtures cannot.

    In the double-height suites, the designers concealed eW Cove Powercore luminaires behind the partition and wall art panels. During the day, the panels appear as art objects, while at night they become light boxes that softly illuminate the space. The designers also concealed eW Cove Powercore luminaires above the bed canopies, within the graphic acrylic art panels above the headboards, above the minibar to provide task lighting, and within the window pockets to highlight the curtains and fill the room with soft ambient light. Additional eW Cove Powercore luminaires with Rosco color filters add dramatic splashes of light above the minibar.
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