Torre Ilunion

    Madrid, Spain

    A true blue tower

    With its prime location in the urban heart of Madrid, the Torre Ilunion (Ilunion Office Tower) showcases the most innovative construction technology designed to balance environmental, economic, and urban needs.


    For a long time, the client wanted to display blue hues with the building’s façade lighting but was unable to do so using their previous white lighting solution. They contacted Signify based on a customer referral and saw the capability of Color Kinetics lighting systems to - not only produce precisely accurate shades of blue light - but also have the flexibility to display dynamic, color-changing lighting to mark special events, causes, and holidays. After their previous lighting failed to deliver the intended outcome, the client selected Color Kinetics to ensure the lighting quality and results would meet their expectations.


    Color Kinetics Graze Compact Powercore, IntelliHue 100 ° X 100 °, 305 mm (1 ft) luminaires (602) are mounted on the outer skin of the double-skinned building. The fixtures are spaced 3.2 m (10.5 ft) apart and 70 cm (2 ft) from the illuminated surface. Color Kinetics Data Enabler Pro delivers power and data to the system, and Color Kinetics Light System Manager (now specified with iPlayer 4) integrated with Interact Landmark provides full control of the end-to-end, connected lighting solution.


    The project began with the lower portion of the tower. Completed in February 2022, this area of the façade is washed in beautiful shades of blue, and virtually any other color. The client is absolutely thrilled with the results.


    “Finally, we got the blue hue we were looking for!” - Nerea Bidaurrazaga, Ilunion




    Project credits

    Lighting Designer:

    Enriqueta Díaz, Signify






    Electrical Contractor:



    Key Account Manager:

    Pedro Alfayé, Signify 


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