Tiriac Tower

    Bucharest, Romania

    Photo Credits: Dragos Asaftei


    Video Video credits: Anca Rez

    Setting a new standard for magnificent, flexible lighting in Romania

    With a total built area of 30,969 m2 (333,347 ft2), Tiriac Tower is a Class A office building in the heart of Bucharest. The client requested an exterior lighting solution to highlight the building’s stunning architectural details, while meeting their needs for flexibility, efficiency, and sustainability.


    Although early discussions centered around a static white lighting design, the design goals evolved to elevate the importance of the building as an emblematic area landmark using dynamic, multicolor lighting that can adapt for different events, messages, and expressions.


    This was the first lighting project implemented in Eastern Europe using Color Kinetics innovative IntelliHue technology. Color Kinetics ColorGraze IntelliHue Powercore fixtures illuminate the building’s unique façade elements with precisely controlled beams of light. The luminaires create a warm white to cold white lighting outline that can be programmed according to a predetermined schedule to deliver dynamic light shows that vary with preferences and needs. The solution provides color temperatures ranging from 2700K to 6500 K, the highest CRI for an RGB fixture and produces high-quality, colorful lighting from the same luminaire.


    The advanced Color Kinetics lighting system integrates with a centralized control system. The lighting can be controlled in the Cloud or through mobile interfaces. On nights when it is unnecessary to mark special events in color, the structure is accented in a sequence of shades of white. Spectacular multicolor lighting scenes were created to mark national holidays, the International Day Against Breast Cancer, International Sports Day, Earth Day, and to promote Țiriac’s brand identity. 


    "The most beautiful moment of this project was the willingness of the client and the project execution company to implement the country’s first lighting solution using IntelliHue technology - different from what is almost a standard in the lighting of office buildings in Romania. The enormous flexibility and quality of light transformed the building into a landmark and added glamour to the area. Such a lighting project implemented in Romania with technologies used in New York, Los Angeles, and Shanghai, makes me, as a lighting designer, happy and motivated. I would be delighted to design many more buildings like this in Bucharest and Romania." – Bogdan Ursa, Lighting Application Specialist Signify Romania.

    Project credits

    Lighting Designer:

    Bogdan Ursa




    Signify Key Account Manager:

    Silviu Bulzan

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