A hotel façade makes an eye-catching impact

    Blast – Get the best and brightest flood light


    Blast gen5 Powercore luminaires are versitile workhorses, equally adept at floodlighting, washing, and spotlighting. In this example nine Blast Powercore, RGBW luminaires wash the front of this 160 ft long nine story hotel, drawing attention and creating a fun and inviting atmosphere.


    Six Blast luminaires with 10° x 60° spread lenses are wired in two runs and mounted on the ground 20 ft from the building. From the canopy, 3 Blast luminaires uplight the center section of the hotel, including the sign at the top of the building, and working in unison with the other luminaires. Each luminaire has a 6 ft whip wired into a junction box.


    Data Enabler Pro powers all of the luminaires with standard cabling from each junction box to the Data Enabler Pro in three runs. No special wiring required. 


    Control options 

    Depending on your needs, each of these controllers offer certain advantages


    ColorDial Pro–A wall-mounted all-in-one PoE controller with 8 pre-programmed light shows which you can configure. These easy-to-set-up shows include fixed, variable, and random colors, and a variety of wash effects, including custom colors and chasing rainbow.


    Antumbra iColor Keypad Controller–A wall-mounted all-in-one PoE controller with customizable fascia, six pushbuttons with onboard effects and configurable shows. Use the configuration software (included) to adjust the effects color, speed, and brightness, then assign the effects to any button for quick and easy playback.

    Simple to install and maintain

    Color Kinetics delivers plug-and-play products for applications like interior clubs and restaurants, hospitality, exterior facades and highlighting architectural features. All with white light or dynamic color changing luminaires.


    Designed to perform flawlessly with outstanding output for years, our high reliability lighting solutions give you confidence.


    Simple operation

    Easing the installation and reducing maintenance with our full line of controllers and connected apps. 


    Saves money

    Avoiding unnecessary extra parts or expensive re-installs with solutions designed for the job.


    The Powercore advantage

    Powercore combines both power and data in one easy to install standard 4-wire electrical cable, keeping installations fast and simple.

    We deliver integrated systems

    You get a complete (and fully integrated) system—not a set of components that have to be pieced together into a system.


    We’re experts in controlling LED lighting systems

    We provide simple to install wall mounted push-button controllers with pre-programmed light shows, to powerful controllers and apps.

    We have a history of innovation—but our focus is on the future

    We pioneered early LED lighting solutions, but we continue to focus on developing next-generation systems. We’re a dedicated, long-term partner that you can turn to for innovation, expertise, and support.

    Real-world examples

    Here are a few real-world simple solutions, with hundreds more in the Color Kinetics Showcase. The clear message behind these easy to install yet impressive projects? Anything is possible with Color Kinetics. And we’re here to help you every step of the way.

    Want to learn more?

    Browse our growing library of educational materials to keep you informed about critical and often confusing issues related to LED lighting technology.