Hock Plaza Building

    Durham, North Carolina, USA

    Photo and Video Credits: Flyboy Photo & Media



    Creating connections with dynamic, color-changing light

    Located adjacent to the prestigious Duke University and Duke Hospital, the 12-story, 30,394 sq m (327,160 sq ft) Hock Plaza Building houses office space for a range of companies.


    The customer wanted to draw attention to the property amidst the fast-growing downtown area and establish connections with Duke University and Duke Hospital. Replacing the building’s existing metal halide fixtures with a dynamic and colorful LED lighting solution was the only way to achieve this goal.


    The top floors of the building include 8 columns, 15 m (50 ft) tall, positioned 3 m (10 ft) apart between the windows as an architectural detail. Color Kinetics Blast Powercore, RGBW with a 10° spread lens (8) are installed with mounting arms at the base of each column, with a 39 cm (15.5 in) setback from the illuminated surface. ColorBlast was selected because it offers a tight beam and the output required to deliver solid color all the way to the top of each column.


    Completed in Fall 2019, the upgraded lighting system includes Color Kinetics iPlayer 3, which enables the customer to create, manage, and play a variety of light shows for daily display and to mark holidays, special events, and more.


    “Harrison Street Real Estate strongly believes in engaging with the community in which we operate. For example, lighting the building blue in support of National Doctor’s Day was very well received by our neighbor Duke University Hospital.” – Ron Miles, Director Asset Management

    Project credits


    Harrison Street Real Estate


    Lighting Designer:

    Voss Lighting




    Ben Whiting (commissioning and programming)


    Electrical Contractor:

    Voss Lighting



    Sir Raleigh Electric


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