Plaza Santa Catalina

    Lima, Peru

    Photo Credits: LED-LS PERU SAC

    Playful points of light build character

    The Plaza Santa Catalina shopping center was designed and constructed to enhance its surroundings with a beautiful, cutting-edge identity. To achieve this goal and ensure the lighting solution complemented the building’s architecture on all four sides with a single, unified concept, the design of the structure’s façade and lighting were conceived together.


    Lighting designer, Rie Sakata, devised a lighting solution that perfectly complements the shopping center’s L-shaped façade, so it appears as a continuous element. Arranged in varying density across the façade, 147 Color Kinetics ArchiPoint iColor Powercore direct view luminaires powered by Color Kinetics Data Enabler Pro generate captivating movement. The fixtures are neatly integrated into the surface of the façade, allowing them to disappear during daylight hours.


    Lighting effects are programmed and controlled using Color Kinetics iPlayer 3. While the same light movement displays on most days, unique lighting effects mark holidays and special events. The building is perceived differently from different angles and, at times, even seems to move. The unpredictable, unexpected, and non-uniform movements are intended to surprise shopping center visitors.


    The façade lighting at the Plaza Santa Catalina shopping center provides new dynamism and a playful ambiance to its surroundings at night. An energy-efficient lighting system, it consumes an average of only 3kW.

    Project credits


    Plaza Santa Catalina


    Lighting Design:

    Rie Sakata


    Solution and Content Support:

    Arq. Sabrina Mandel, LED-LS PERU

    Digital System Programming:

    Arq. Sabrina Mandel, LED-LS PERU


    Chief Supervisor:

    Roerto Cortez, LED-LS PERU


    Design, Specification, Documentation, Implementation, Programming, and Show Design:


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