Bai Chay Bridge

    Quàng Ninh, Vietnam

    Photo Credits: Signify Vietnam

    Bai Chay Bridge combines beauty and efficiency

    The Bai Chay Bridge stands 50 m (164 ft) over Ha Long Bay, one of the most popular and beautiful tourist sites in Vietnam. In 2000, Ha Long Bay was nominated as one of the new seven natural wonders of the world, and in 2004, Ha Long Bay hosted almost 3 million tourists due to its geological value and natural beauty. Scattered across this bay are 1,969 islands, beautiful emerald waters, and with the Bai Chay Bridge, an edition in 2006, a new landmark in Vietnam.

    The Bai Chay Bridge has the widest width of any cable-stayed, single-plane concrete bridge in the world. The bridge was built to improve traffic conditions and adopt Japanese construction technologies. To make this landmark even more beautiful, the Bai Chay Bridge is now illuminated in colorful LED lights that reflect off the bay waters at night.

    LED lights were chosen due to their dynamic capabilities, long useful life and energy efficiency. In order to achieve all the goals the investor had set, Color Kinetics supplied an environmentally-friendly LED lighting solution for its high efficiency and dynamic and elegant lighting effects.

    The designers installed ColorReach Powercore gen2 and ColorReach Compact Powercore (now specified with ReachElite) from Color Kinetics to illuminate the cables and pillars that run high above the bridge, as well as to highlight the dramatic beauty of the bridge’s architecture. ColorGraze MX4 Powercore was used to illuminate the bottom of the bridge, and Archipoint iColor Powercore was used along the spans of the bridge.

    The Bai Chay Bridge is now beautifully illuminated with efficient LED lighting. The new lighting is sustainable and makes this Vietnamese landmark just as beautiful into the night hours as it is during the day. Viet Nhan Nguyen, of Signify Vietnam, is very happy with the success of the project. "Color Kinetics was chosen for this project due to the success of projects such as the Dragon Bridge, the Tran Thi Ly Bridge, and the Thuan Phuoc Bridge, all located in central Vietnam. Our lighting solutions and effects turned the Bai Chay Bridge into the illusion of a gorgeous sailboat on the windy, open sea."
    Project credits

    Electrical Contractor:

    Hung Thinh Construction Company

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