Ben Franklin Bridge

    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

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    A bridge makeover features dynamic light

    Years ago, as part of an overall refurbishment project to mark its 75th birthday, the Ben Franklin Bridge received a colorful makeover, with LED lighting from Color Kinetics bringing brilliant, changing color to the deck of the bridge. The inherent benefits of LED lighting made it an easy choice for this unique project.

    The brightness and saturation of the color produced by the Color Kinetics LED lighting is just awesome, and the rapidity and liveliness of the color changes and effects you can create with this lighting is like nothing else," noted the lighting design team. "Couple this with the fact that the lights won't burn out for 11 years, and we were sold." The level of intelligent control offered by Color Kinetics LED lighting was put to spectacular use in a variety of light shows designed to commemorate holidays and celebrate city events, including a literal variation on Color Kinetics' well-known Chasing Rainbow effect that has the lights ‘chasing’ the trains that cross the bridge. The result? Beacons of color that shine out from the deck of this majestic bridge, providing dynamic light shows that can be seen from as far as ten miles away.


    April 2023 – Upgraded LED lighting displays captivating color effects across the Delaware River


    Phase four of a $214 million rehabilitation project, the iconic bridge received $8 million in upgraded decorative LED lighting. The new energy-efficient Color Kinetics lighting system continues to include a variety of effects like the ‘chasing rainbow’ pattern that follows trains as they cross the bridge and spectacular light displays to mark holidays, special occasions, and to cheer on local sports teams.


    Color Kinetics ReachElite High Punch Powercore gen2, RGBW, 100 and 300 (598 pcs), ColorGraze MX4 Powercore, 1219 mm (3 ft), 30 ° X 60 ° (328 pcs), and ArchiPoint iColor Powercore (335 pcs) comprise the new lighting solution that has made the 100-year-old bridge even more beautiful and iconic. The animated bridge reflects the excitement and dynamism of the region.

    Project credits


    Delaware River Port Authority (DRPA)


    Lighting Designer:

    The Lighting Practice



    Urban Engineers




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