Mohammed VI Bridge 

    Rabat, Morocco

    Photo Credits: Signify

    Modern Mohammed VI Bridge features dynamic lighting

    The Mohammed VI Bridge is the longest cable-stayed bridge in Africa. Honoring the King of Morocco, the structure connects the capital city of Rabat to the city of Salé. The iconic landmark was part of a larger infrastructure project—the Rabat Motorway bypass—that was commissioned to help alleviate traffic in and generate economic benefits for the two cities, as well as reduce the emission of greenhouse gases.  For many, the project symbolizes the modernization of Morocco.


    The newly inaugurated road bridge is an engineering marvel that spans six lanes wide and measures 950 m (3,100 ft) long and 200 m (650 ft) high. The unique architecture of the bridge is inspired by the Arab-Muslim civilization. The tremendous structure—including two 200 m (650 ft) towers and 160 cables—is highlighted with a Color Kinetics dynamic LED lighting system. It shines magnificently in the sky at night and provides a breathtaking view as vehicles approach.


    To create this beacon in the night sky, the team mounted Color Kinetics ColorReach Compact floodlights (now specified with ReachElite) along both sides of the bridge deck and used ArchiPoint iColor Powercore light points to dot the sides of the structure. ColorGraze Powercore grazing luminaires (now specified with ColorGraze IntelliHue Powercore) highlight the arches of the tall towers while iColor Accent MX Powercore luminaires create long ribbons of color at the summit.

    With the dynamic LED lighting system, authorized users can create magnificent light shows with the flexibility to change the look of the bridge at any time for holidays, special occasions, or local events. The system is anticipated to be up to 75% more energy efficient than conventional lighting systems.

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