Norie Miller Park

    Perth, Scotland

    Lighting brings park to life

    The Perth City of Light Action Plan identified and provided a comprehensive approach to the lighting of Buildings and spaces throughout the City. Lighting of the city's greenspace and promoting Perth's biggest natural asset, the River Tay, is a key strategic aim of the Action Plan. As one of Perth's most unique attractions, Norie Miller Park sits next to the River Tay and plays home to wildlife, gardens, walks, water features and public art. Following the success of recent light show events within the Park (53,000 visitors), this highlighted the future potential of a permanent and stimulating lighting design and installation.


    Creative and innovative solutions were required to illuminate the Sculptural Artwork, along with the water features and tunnels which act as a link between two areas of the park. Whilst at the same time a functional solution to provide a safe and inviting location for the public to use at night.


    Impact on the end user

    This is an important and popular public space used every day, and much thought was given to the programming and installation methodology in order to mitigate any disruption to the public, the adjacent gardens, and wildlife. With over 600 meters of underground ducting, specialized machinery was used to minimize any damage to the surrounding park space and gardens. An environmental impact survey was carried out, and much care and attention were taken to reduce any disruption to the local wildlife - otters, birds, bats, and newts.


    "I am delighted with the completion of the first project from our ambitious six year City of Light Plan. LITE & Signify have delivered on the brief to transform Perth Riverside Park and Art Trail into an area that can be enjoyed by visitors and residents year round. The combination of heritage lamps and architectural floodlighting throughout mean this park along the River Tay, is now as welcoming at night as it is during the day." - Perth & Kinross Council (Alan Farnington), City Development Project Officer

    Project credits

    Client/end user:

    Perth & Kinross Council


    Lighting Designer:

    David Robertson (LITE Ltd)



    Certified System Integrator:

    LITE Ltd


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