Overpass of the Roundabout of the Victims of Katyn

    Krakow, Poland

    Photo Credits: Jacek Bakutis

    Overpass memorializes war victims

    During WWII, Poland suffered the largest loss of life and property of all countries involved. In the earlier years, the Soviet Union invaded Poland and the People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs, better known as the Soviet secret police, captured thousands of Polish nationals. Those captured citizens were later killed in a series of mass executions in the Katyn Forest in Russia. More than half of the estimated 22,000 victims were Polish officers. Dedicated to these victims is one of Krakow, Poland's key transportation hubs, the Roundabout of the Victims of Katyn.

    To highlight the importance of the overpass above the roundabout, the Municipal Road Administration in Krakow commissioned Color Kinetics to light the overpass. Colored lighting emphasized the unique architectural features and created an appealing public space where visitors look at the artwork displayed on each pillar of the underpass. The artwork features images of historical monuments in Krakow, including the Mariacki Church and Wawel Royal Castle. The LED lighting solution had the ability to create the precise ambiance desired, while also being energy efficient and having a long useful life.

    Lighting designer Mariusz Kozoduj integrated eColor Graze Powercore luminaires (now specified using eColor Graze MX Powercore) tuned to a royal blue into the niches of the overpass to add depth. eW Graze Powercore (now specified using eW Graze MX Powercore) illuminate the pillars.

    "Color choice was key in this lighting solution. Colors similar to traffic lights would have been distracting for drivers, so we settled on blue tones. We chose royal blue because of the royal origins of Krakow. It has been very well received by the public," said Kozoduj.
    Project credits

    Lighting Design:

    Mariusz Kozoduj

    Electrical Contractor:


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